Monday, June 4, 2007

We have heel!


My first sock is coming along nicely. I'm using the Yarn Harlot's recipe for "A Good, Plain Sock" that starts on page 131 of Knitting Rules and Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in "Vera."

(NOTE: A large percentage of these photos were taken during rainy weather, so the artifical lighting warms up the tones of the yarn a bit much -- the cooler tones in the naturally lit photos are more representative.)


I knit a gauge swatch (flat, which is cheating, I know, but I figure it will be close enough) and determined that I like the dense fabric produced by a US 00 needle (I also tried a US 0 for comparison) and that I should cast on about 76 stitches to fit comfortably around my leg.

For the top few inches of the sock, I worked in k2, p2 ribbing. Then I switched to stockinette stitch (which I found to be much quicker for me on the tiny needles).


I continued in stockinette stitch until the sock was about as long as the palm of my hand, then I placed half the stitches on one needle and began the heel flap. I used Stephanie's "Sturdy heel," as I'm hoping it holds up well to wear (I don't want my first socks to become holey right away!), which involves slipping every other stitch on the knit rows. This breaks up the yarn color changes in an interesting way.

I worked the heel flap until is was square, then turned the heel by knitting short rows. I had to consult Stephanie's "Step-by-Step Cheat Sheet for Socks" briefly before picking up the stitches along the sides of the heel flap.

Right now I'm in the middle of the decrease rows for the instep gussets.


I love the official outside of the sock, but I'm also I big fan of the reverse stockinette on the inside. Don't you think it's pretty?


Bug, once again, feels the need to demonstrate that most of my yarn goes well with his coloring.


Frankly, Moana is less than thrilled with all this sock knitting (...I may have... ahem... implied that I'm making her a rather ill fitting stocking cap...).


However, I'm enjoying it immensely.


Rosina said...

Your kitties are so cute :) And your first sock is looking great!

Stephanie said...

wow, your cat lets you hold her like a baby while wearing something silly? my kitty would never let us do that! that is looking really good for your first sock. I had so much trouble with the teeny needles. that colorway is really pretty, too.

ayla said...

I love your sock. I, too, like knitting socks on tiny needles. I'm currently working on Falling Leaves from Knitty on US00s. It's beautiful. Great job!

PS--found you from the comments at the Yarn Harlot, I'm doing a round of adding local knitters (I live in Colrain).

schrodinger said...

What pretty kitties you have - lovely markings.

Congrats on the first sock - watch out though, it's a slippery slope for many :)

wendy g said...

Great job on the sock! Love your helpers too.

Marlena said...

Love the picture of Moana! I wish my bunnies would let me do that! Your socks are looking great. I haven't done a gusset heel in a long time, but yours is so neat and tidy, I'm thinking of using one again.

ayla said...

hey, thanks for commenting back! I know about the famous thing, it's weird but now people are commenting on my blog and I feel like I have to keep it updated with Real Knitting Content. Maybe this will light a fire under my butt to actually do Real Knitting. We shall see.

Anyways, what I meant by "a round of adding local knitters" is that I was going through Stephanie's comments, finding people who said that they had been to Northampton, and I'm following them back to their blog. I'm subscribing to as many blogs of more-local knitters as I can. I know a lot of people, just not a lot of people who knit.

thanks for noticin' me!

ayla said...

ryn: I got the yarn in shade 9040, the dark blue. My husband recommended it. There will be pr0n when it arrives.

One Planet Yarn And Fiber said...

That is the cutest photo I have ever seen! Thanks for the post on our store blog. I had to come see your blog!

Anonymous said...

Love the kitty stocking cap! that colorway is beautiful, and your sock is looking fabulous!

Sea Anemone said...

OMG! Is you cat's name Bug?? My kitty's name is Bug too. What a small world!

Sarah said...

Ha! Your picture of Moana made me laugh out loud. :-) I love that colorway -- it's the one I always sigh over whenever I see Lorna's Laces, but so far I've managed to resist buying some.

SJ said...

That's your first sock? Wow, you have some good sock-knitting mojo, as the Yarn Harlot would say!

amanda said...

Love that last photo of the chic kitty. Thanks for the comment on my Swan Lake Cardi - I'm really happy with it!

nonaKnits said...

Your first sock is turning out beautifully!

Jane said...

Your sock looks great and your kitties are gorgeous and seem to hope that the sock knitting *is* for them!

Octopus Knits said...

Thanks for all the sock (and cat) love, guys!

amber said...

I used the lorna's lace shepard worsted in vera for a scarf. The colors are so great! The sock is looking fabulous and I now have the urge to put my partial sock on my cat's head and take a photo :)

LisaB said...

Such cute kitties! They do look so nice with the socks! :)

BTW, your socks look so perfect and even. I really want to try socks, but just haven't had the courage!

jillian said...

OK, how do you even get your kitty to do that?? So cute. Your sock is smashing too.

And I don't generally get this personal with people I don't know, but I have to tell you I think we're some sort of separated knitting sisters. I did a Wicked in the same color Supermerino with the same style (short sleeves, no pocket, cable hem) and of the 3 total shades of Cascade 220 in my stash, one happens to be Walnut Heather. I almost fell out of my chair when I saw your lovely CPH!! Great Wicked too :)

Stephanie said...

thanks for the comment on my niece's bunny :) HP fans unite, huh? I already have the next book preordered at Barnes and Noble!