Sunday, June 10, 2007

Moana-Monkey mind meld?

What's really going on here?

I'll get to that, but first things first... my very first sock is finished! Yay! You must see all parts of it. Here's a side view:

Here's an oblique view of the bottom and the heel:


Here's the toe:


...and here it is flat:

And I don't even have second sock syndrome. However, since I need to make my Sockapalooza 4 pal some killer socks, I decided to start on those (and make my second sock later). I chose the Monkey pattern from Knitty that so many people have made with such success and this lovely yarn:


It's "Phoenix" handpainted superwash sock yarn from Sunshine Yarns. My sock pal loves wild color combinations, so I think this yarn will hit the spot. I did about 3 and a half repeats of the lace pattern, and it's looking great, if I do say so myself.


There's just one problem.


Can you guess what it is?....No?... I'll give you another hint:


My flat gauge swatching (in stockinette) didn't help me make the right choice of needle size (US 0). I can't get the sock over my heel. Now this might not be terrible if my sock pal had teensy little feet, but she's a size 10 US. I'm a size 8 and a half and I can't get it on. Oh, my! I think I'll go up to a size 2 and swatch in the round, and I may just trade the lovely twisted 1x1 rib for a 2x2 rib (it should be stretchier, no?).

Or.... or.... maybe my sock pal doesn't really want a pair of socks... maybe she could do with a pair of foot warmers. See, if I just turn the sock upside-down and switch to bigger needles....


Oh, come on, you know it's a good idea!


My distress over the impending ripping of the Monkey sock led to a barrage of photos (as you may have noticed already). Here are a few more:

Prickly sock needle shadows:

Why is she leaving her sock here?


I don't know, but those pointy parts are sure interesting... if only I had opposable thumbs.

Verdict: The Moana-Monkey mind meld was unsuccessful due to incomplete sock-brain contact. The procedure will have to be performed again at a later date with a larger Monkey (or a smaller Moana brain).

For those of you who think my kitties are the most cooperative critters in the world (!!), I leave you with this:
...this is what it looks like most of the time during our cat-knitwear photoshoots!


Tarilyn said...

I don't know which is more perfect: your sock or your feet. I don't think I've ever seen such perfect little toes!Those are also lovely kitties you have - even if they aren't always cooperative!

Stephanie said...

your kitties had me at the comment about opposable thumbs. I still say they cooperate pretty well, even in the blurry pic she's still pretty much in your arms and not already hidden under the bed! I'm not sure how much I'll want to start my second sock of my mom's pair when I get to it..mneh. if nothing else, you could send your teeny monkey to my mom, who has size 4.5 to 5 feet!

jillian said...

Hooray for your first sock! It's gorgeous too. A great fit and beautiful striping in the Vera!

I know my kitties wish they had opposable thumbs sometimes. I am glad they don't :)

Jeanie said...

Oh my gosh! That's your FIRST sock??? It's better than any sock I've ever made and I've made quite a few! Gorgeous! Can't wait to see your Monkey re-do!

LisaB said...

Wow that sock looks great. I can't believe it is your first! Maybel I will have to try that pattern, the heel is neat.

rachel iufer said...

i had a too-small-sock problem once before as well. it is sad. but ripping can be kind of fun :) it made a nice kitty crown though! hehe!

melissa said...

that sock is so perfect! you did a great job!

wendy g said...

Your finished sock looks great! The Monkey socks are fun to knit and I know you will get the size right.

s t a c i said...

I love the sock photos...especially the bottom-and-heel photo. I'm guessing that wasn't an easy pose!

Good job! My first sock didn't look nearly as nice.

soknitpicky said...

Great first sock--looks like they fit well! And wonderful progress on #2 already!

Steph said...

wow, your first sock looks absolutely perfect! It took me quite a while to get my heels this neat :-)

Amy said...

What a fantastico first sock! Great job!

Mel said...

Your sock is perfect! You truly are a gifted knitter. If you can't get the gauge right for the monkey sox,you could always add some increases and turn it into a feline turtleneck. Either way you win.

I'm enamored by this idea of a Knitting Husband. Mine however, won't go for it.

Anonymous said...

Yay! Congratulations on your first sock! It's lovely- you did a great job! I remember how excited I was when I finished mine. It's addicting, beware!

Allison said...

Stupendous job. You first socks turned out awesome and fits so well. That's a rarity.

Ewe-niss said...

Love your photos! Fabu sock :-) And honestly - regardless of your last photo, it is amazing that you could get your cats to pose like that... the fact that you didn't completely screw up your project and have yarn encircling you, the cats, and your living room is a testament to their good nature.

Jane said...

Wow, those socks look great. I cannot believe that is your first pair. I still have holes in mine - several pair later.

Mary said...

Your first sock?! No way! Aren't first socks supposed to be lumpy, weird-shaped things?

I love how your Monkey sock yarn and shirt coordinated.

Meilynne said...

wow! awesome job on your 1st sock. the monkey sock looks neat, albiet the size issue - now you've got me wanting to try that pattern, too. i love your yarn color choices. now i'm off to read the rest of your blog....

The_Add_Knitter said...

How funny, make cat actually does have opposable thumbs as he's one of those weird Hemingway cats with thumbs...your first sock is stupendous, esp. the heel!

Love your blog btw...

The_Add_Knitter said...

Ok, that should have read 'my' cat, sorry!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that's your first sock! It's gorgeous. Sorry Monkey didn't work out the 1st time, but that's easily corrected. Kitties are too cute!

SJ said...

I would never have guessed that that was your first sock -- it looks fantastic!

Sorry about your Monkey woes. If it helps, I've used size US 1 needles for my Monkeys.

ms. pea said...

hey! i'm so glad you came to visit and left me a comment because now i know about your fabulous blog... you're a knitting goddess! also, i love your cats.

Kara said...

Love the first sock. Totally darling. And the colors are perfect.

And who knew that kitties and a sock that's too snug could create such a cute photo shoot?

Kirsten said...

Congratlations on your first sock. It is beautiful. You did a wonderful job!
I think you are right that using a standard rib, rather than the twisted rib will work out better - and of course the slightly larger needle size.

Melissa said...

You so need a pair of Crocs Maryjane's to show off those sox! :)

Laiane said...

I got here through your "cat torture" comment on the Harlot's blog. No, I didn't actually think you were torturing your cats or anything. I use "cat torture" as a tag on my own blog. Anyway, I was just expecting pics of cats with knitwear. You didn't disappoint.

I [heart] your kitties.

YarnSnob said...

i love your photos whith the cats!!!! Hilarious!!! Your socks are beautiful. I think I'm the only person who hasn't done a Monkey sock yet!!