Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Mountain Sky Clapotis est fini!

291-9114_IMG 291-9130_IMG
CLAPOTIS (Knitty, Fall 2004)
Lanas Puras Melosa fingering weight, "Mountain Sky" (440 yards per skein) almost 2 skeins
US 3 circular needles

What a great pattern! What fantastic yarn! This is actually the second Clapotis I've knit (the first one was a "mini" Clapotis scarf I knit as a Christmas present). I loved working with the Melosa yarn. It's just so buttery soft, and the ever changing color display I experienced as the yarn ran through my fingers was pure delight (and, yes, I'm a fan of the pooling).

Because I used a fingering weight yarn and the pattern called for a heavier, worsted weight yarn, I ended up doing twice the number of pattern repeats (26 instead of 13) in the long straight row section to get a decent length. Otherwise, I stuck to the pattern. My Clapotis is approximately 72" long and 15" wide (unblocked -- I don't plan to block it except lightly whenever it needs a bath).

Here I am for scale:

These dimensions are narrower and longer than those specified in the pattern. I wouldn't mind a little more width, but as it is, my Clapotis is quite versatile, and I'm very happy with it.




(Ok, so I can almost guaranty you will never see me with it wrapped around my hips again, but it's still pretty versatile!)

Here is a close up of the lovely yarn:

P.S. Bug tried to convince me that "Mountain Sky" was his color. While I agree that it looks lovely with his eyes, I'm just not ready to cede my Clapotis to him. It will aquire enough cat hair as it is.


mjm knitting said...

it's beautiful.

a clapotis is on my list of things to knit. i am hoping to start it very soon.

what a cute kitty!

Cyn said...

That's gorgeous! It's making me want to try Clapotis again (my first attempt annoyed me and got frogged).

Bear Knits said...


I'm probably one of the last few who haven't made this. I like it in fingering weight.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful clapotis! Bug looks so cute in it.

Rosina said...

Mmm… it looks delicious knit up with multicolor fingering weight! Thanks for posting your mods. I might try my hand at Clapotis sometime :)

Unknown said...

Beautiful....you are a knitting machine!

I love Bug.

Alison said...

Beautiful! I love the colorway.

Stephanie said...

I have to admit, I never cared for clapotis at all, but the way you made it/wear it makes it very appealing!

your cat is funny. my doggie never wants to try on my knitted stuff.

Anonymous said...

That's one of the prettiest clapotis-es I've seen! It looks great on you (and your cat, even though that's probably not what you had in mind...). Great job!

Octopus Knits said...

Thanks for all your nice comments everyone!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, that is simply gorgeous! Would you mind if I Put those photos in our gallery and showed them in our blog??? Send me an email at INFO AT oneplanetyarnandfiber.com

I cannot get over how beautiful that is!! For a new knitter, you really are amazing and have a lot of talent !

One Planet Yarn And Fiber said...

oops, that was me, Lis, at One Planet! I clicked anonymous instead of signing it! I was so excited about how that looked. I think I have to make it in that same color and cast on tonight-LOL How many skeins did you use??? We have a new Lanas Puras yarn coming in cotton with that merino and maybe I'll do it in that, although that color is amazing!!!

superstahr said...

All your knits are beautiful! I'm so jealous *smile*

Anonymous said...

Wow, that clapotis is absolutely beautiful, the way it stripes up is just striking. Might be the prettiest I've seen!

Anonymous said...

ahh..so you're the owner of this lovelt clapotis!!! Its beautiful, really stunning...sigh

tracing said...