Saturday, August 21, 2010

Adventures in Weaving

Hi again! I'm actually posting twice in one month--I don't know what's gotten into me!

I got a Schacht Cricket rigid heddle loom at Christmas, but haven't put it to very much use yet. So far I've only made two scarves (my husband has also given it a try, making some hemp straps he'll impregnate with epoxy to make a lightweight but strong kite aerial photography rig), but I have grand plans for lots more weaving projects.

My first scarf was the project that came with the loom. The box included a ball each of Brown Sheep Nature Spun Worsted in "Blue Boy" and "Spring Green." I used pretty much all of the blue, and less of the green.


It's kind of a Kermitty scarf (well, maybe more of a "Kermit meets Cookie Monster" scarf), but it was a good introduction to basic weaving technique.

Sticking with the blue theme, here's my second woven scarf:


Sparkly Scarf by me

I used two of my handspun yarns:


... and did a twisted fringe:


I don't know if you can tell, but the dark yarn is quite sparkly, thanks to Josette's magical fiber blend). This photo hints at the sparkle:


A few caveats:

I wish I'd made the scarf a little longer for ease of use. It's only about 46 and a half inches long excluding the fringe (about 56 and a half inches including the fringe. Also, the thicker, lighter-colored yarn is pretty much hidden where it is used as warp beneath the darker, thinner yarn that makes up most of the weft. You see hints of it, but it's not producing the plaid-effect I was going for. I like it anyway :)

Bug tried it out:


He says it's pretty comfy (and, of course, it matches his eyes)!

I have a bunch of yarn lined up for future projects... now I just need to make it happen :)


Anonymous said...

The second scarf is particularly beautiful! The plaid effect is really subtle. It brings out Bug's eyes beautifully, too :)

Laiane said...

Oh, I have been away from your blog for far too long! I love the second scarf (and Bug, but you knew that)

sula said...

Weaving! Wonderful, now I can live vicariously through your spinning and your weaving! Lovely scarves. I wish I could feel the one with handspun. It looks delectable.

Anonymous said...

Do you bring your cat with you when you go fiber shopping?

Looks like your skillz are up to making him a cat hammock.

Julie said...

those scarves are all amazing!!!

SJ said...

Oh man, I so do not need another fibery hobby, but you are seriously tempting me!

Linda said...

Your weaving is lovely, Hi to Bug too!

Oiyi said...

Wow, beautiful woven scarves! Isn't weaving so much fun? And so much faster than knitting, too.