Friday, November 28, 2008

Ribbons of squooshy amethyst-colored lace...


Lace Ribbon Scarf by Veronik Avery
My handspun yarn (made from Foxhill Farm fiber), 100% Cormo Wool (413 yards / 104 g per skein), 1 skein
US 3 (3.25 mm) Knitpicks circular needles

Happy day after Thanksgiving :)

I pretty much followed the pattern for this scarf with a minor exception. I cast on and worked 19 repeats of the 24 row chart, but only had yarn enough to knit a single final row (the pattern specifies two) before binding off. These knit rows serve to stabilize the edge a bit, and it seems that the pattern should have called for two knit rows after the initial cast on as well (both for parallelism and added stability). I'm not sure why they're only called for at the end.


Other than this, I thought the pattern was lovely and worked fairly well with my handspun yarn, which had a tendency to stripe-up rather randomly. I think the pattern is simple enough that it doesn't get terribly lost in the busy-ness of the yarn, although it would also be gorgeous in a more subtly varying color palette.

I used this yarn that I spun back in April:


...from this fiber:


The Cormo produced a super squishy yarn, so the scarf (as you might imagine) feels wonderfully soft!

Here it is blocking, so you can see the whole thing at once - it's about 10 inches wide and 63 inches long:


Even though I stuck pins all over my blocking scarf, Moana still managed to traipse all over it :)


Here are some close-ups:

IMG_8360 "right" side
IMG_8366 "wrong" side


...and now for some cat modeling:


Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

I love the way this turned out. I may have to try and spin up a fine yarn for this pattern; it would be good practice!

Also, thanks for knits on cats. It always cheers me up!

SJ said...

Gorgeous! I think this scarf was the perfect use for your beautiful handspun. (I'm planning one for myself in my own handspun, but there are way too many projects to knit before then!)

Ewe-niss said...

Lovely! Lovely scarf and lovely handspun yarn.


emma said...

It's beautiful. The color works wonderfully with the pattern.
How wonderful it must be to have a scarf you made yourself from yarn you made yourself!

alligator said...

It's projects like this that really make me wish I knew how to spin! Your handspun looks so pretty in this scarf, I love it!

sula said...

I love this scarf! What a marvelous use of handspun! Now off to the Rav queue...

Oiyi said...

Very lovely! Great color, too.

Eklectika said...

Hee - the last picture is my favorite one! :-)

Lin said...

Isn't that beautiful, the colours are great.

Alison said...

Very lovely yarn and scarf! Wonderful color!

Mama Stone said...


Jodi said...

Beautiful! Cormo is one of my absolute favorites. I'm a bit curious about the beginning of the pattern, too, now.

Fabulous modeling job by the kitties, too. They seem like top contenders for "Project Catwalk."

soknitpicky said...

Lovely as always! I'm not a cat person, but I always find your cat pics mesmerizing! Hope you are adjusting well to CA!

hyeknitter said...

Beautiful scarf - the colors are beautiful!

Lauralness said...

Beautiful scarf! I love the colors!

Alison Boon said...

Nothing like a little bit of cat assitance to ensure the Purrfect end result. Clearly the scarf is utterly divine, the colour is just so luscious, but without your puss to supervise the finishing touches it might not have look quite so stunning. Clever cat. And clever you for owning such a talented cat.

Anonymous said...

Wow- it's gorgeous! The colorway is stunning!

Anonymous said...

Wow, how beautiful! The colors are so rich. It looks like the perfect thing to wrap around your neck.

Kirsten said...

I'm so behind on my blog reading. I can't believe I'm only just seeing this now. GORGEOUS!!!!

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

I love how your handspun the colorway is gorgeous the drape is drool worthy.Hugs Darcy

Laiane said...

Bug clearly has the "don't hate me because I'm beautiful" look down pat. Nice work on the scarf!