Saturday, May 5, 2007

Walnut Heather Central Park Hoodie

As promised, this is the first post dedicated to a pre-blog finished object.


CENTRAL PARK HOODIE (Knitscene , Fall 2006)
Cascade 220 #8013 "Walnut Heather" (220 yards per skein) almost 5 skeins
US 6 and 8 Denise circular needles
Finished February 2007

I really enjoyed making this sweater, and I'm very happy with how it turned out. There were a few overly exciting moments (like when I misread the pattern and muffed up the armhole and neck shaping of one of the front pieces and had to rip back a few inches), but overall it was a great experience. I made the 36" bust size, as I'd heard (from the KAL) that they were turning out rather snug.

Here are my (mostly inadvertant) modifications:
Sleeves -- I accidentally ommitted one decrease row in the first sleeve cap, so I duplicated this in the second sleeve cap for symmetry. Hood -- I picked up 1 extra stitch on each side of the neck, then k2tog the next row to achieve the desired number of stitches for the hood. Additionally, I forget to stop the cable pattern up the back when I began knitting the hood, but remembered after an extra inch or so. Button bands -- I ended up picking up fewer stitches along the front edges for the button bands (134 instead of 150), largely because my row gauge was considerably looser than the pattern's suggested gauge.

I really love the mirror image cables:

The very cool buttons (from Joann's) I used are clear resin with bits of dried flowers in them:

And, of course, here is a gratuitous cat photo:


Bear Knits said...

Perfect fit! The color makes it a classic cardigan. Love those buttons!

Madge said...

I saw your post on the CPH KAL, and just wanted to pop in and say - great hoodie!

Looks fantastic on you!

Pam said...

A beautiful sweater -- great buttons. And the color is so nice -- I like it even more in your nice neutral. I'm also popping in from the KAL. Congratulations!

tiennie said...

What a beautiful color - truly one of the best I've seen. Great fit too. Fantastic job!

Octopus Knits said...

Thanks everybody!

soCherry said...

love it! the cascade 220 was a good yarn for this project I think - I used it too. Love your colour choice
Elaine x

Stephanie said...

amazing hoodie, and I may have to make some buttons like that myself some time! you did a great job

Octopus Knits said...

Hi, Stephanie -- I actually didn't make the buttons myself (just updated my post to reflect that I bought them at Joann's fabrics), but after I got them I was thinking that they would be fairly simple to make. I plan to try it sometime, too!

allie said...

Beautiful... I really need to finish mine soon.

soknitpicky said...

Thanks for visiting. You have great projects and I can't wait to see more!

Brown Berry said...

I'm enjoying your blog so far - keep at it! :)

urbanknitrix said...

Thanks for sharing, I have been thinking about knitting this and you have inspired me. It looks absolutely fabulous on you.

Octopus Knits said...


Yarn It said...

That is gorgeous! Absolutely fantastic work!

Risa said...

Beautiful, wonderful, fabulous work! The fit is great, and I love the color.

Knittingbeauty said...

What an awesome sweater! I loved it in Knitscene and seeing yours makes me want to make it even more!